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Listen as Dr. Woodard teaches through the Book of 2 PETER.  This teaching was aired on It's A Good Life radio broadcasts.


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  • 2-PETER-1:1-214:37
  • 2-PETER-1:3-1114:05
  • 2-PETER-1:12-1914:02
  • 2-PETER-1:20-2114:15
  • 2-PETER-2:1-414:06
  • 2-PETER-2:5-914:07
  • 2-PETER-2:10-1614:04
  • 2-PETER-2:17-2214:07
  • 2-PETER-3:1-913:54
  • 2-PETER-3:10-1814:02